Peeping through the windows

Inside the class---Unseen,Unheard and Untold...
At Alokdhara how we teach is special.And door is never shut for any students.

A classroom visit unveils many activities with different views and hues. Students grow up under the close supervision of the "ABILITY ENHANCER"(Special Educators).

 Students  learn "To Know Myself"... "Who Am I, What am I,  What am I doing here"?

"Why are they pulling me out of my own world"?.... "I am cocooned in my own shell, happy and contented".

  Peeping through the window leads us to the scenario which is not familiar in the eyes of the typical world. We deal with the Atypical human beings who live in the world of Autism. These students don't dwell  in our kind of man-made environment(society).It is Autism Spectrum Disorder, a neuro- developmental condition which is difficult to identify at an early stage.  

Our Curriculum

The curriculum is an unique synthesis of Montessori method,scientific approach to communication,related to language, PECS method(non speaking child),Miller Method,Sensory integration, Dance and Movement Therapy(DMT) and developing fine motor skill. All depending upon the individual needs and ability.This  total approach of curriculum has been enriched by tributaries like, constructive indoor and outdoor play activity.

Miller Method
Miller method exacts the position of a child's existence in the space. The virtual high platform helps focusing the child in to his immediate environment rather than on the ground.  

 For a child  with sensory integration difficulty miller Method is a great sensory enhancer. Miller method guides the child to face barriers of life and how to overcome them.

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Floor Time
Floor time is the freedom from the activities children are engaged with.  Having free time child may give us certain clue to show us her ability in certain areas which may not be included in the IEP. It leads the ability enhancers to discover skills the child is showing  which we would not have found out  in a structured teaching method. In between the classes the child gets free time to  express her likings and  her dormant talents under the eyes of  watchful facilitators. Hence we synthesis our curriculum and syllabus through IEP and the approach is totally child oriented.  
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