Why do parents look for inclusive school for students on the spectrum. Social pressure, family pressure, or fulfilling  a dormant dream of the parents themselves.

Inclusion, meaning students with special needs and mainstream children sharing the classroom, school premises and other facilities jointly.

Inclusion doesn’t mean only geographical inclusion, the student remains in the class but devoid of any active participation. That becomes the rule of the day of inclusive philosophy.

Opportunities should be divided evenly to all children.

Some of the students are benefited by enjoying being in the mainstream school - self confidence, self advocacy being independent not confinement being with the world beyond autism.

Philosophically inclusion is the best idea in today's education system. today it is total paradigm shift from teacher oriented to student oriented school environment.So there is a difference between inclusive school and integrated school.  In an inclusion environment from a education plan to right upto the accessibility of areas of school building should be student friendly. It should be barrier free approach.In an integrated situation the students will have to integrate themselves with the school's rules and regulation already pre-planned by the school authority. So the parents must know how  do these schools are beneficial for their children before taking admission. In an inclusive school students get free time in the resource room to revive their brain and also getting away from boredom. There should be enough extra curricular activities to identify their skills, with regular honing, they become proficient and it may turn out to their future profession.

The earlier the best ‘ is our principal at Alokdhara where we ensure children who are toddlers to children who are six years old receive the best education to prepare them for a future that is likely to be highly competitive. We also have a very high teacher-student ratio unlike in most mainstream schools so children get very close attention at a period in their lives when their personalities are shaped. While Alokdhara does not offer a pathway to education that is linked to education board certificates, our students have been accepted by some of the city’s best schools. What we do offer however is a chance to fly in their ‘Butterfly zone’ (the garden) or create their imaginary worlds in their ‘Feel Good’ zone, the indoor play area. A child feeling particularly distressed, and this can happen with special children, can seek solace in that room. And in the classroom all our bright students gather to receive an education that is tailored to suit their individual needs as best as possible.


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