A special platform for the parents  with neuro developmental  disorder is the Need of the Day.  This urge to have an integrated parent body is the blooming bud and emerged as  Parent Circle Time Autism Identified in june 2008 under West Bengal Goverment Societies Registration Act. Alokdhara Inclusive Montessori School and Skill Training Center for young Adult gradually came into being as  desired by the parents. PACTAI is a registered society under 12(A) of the Income Tax Act and is also exempted under sec 80G of the same Act.

One of the first events we organised was a seminar on Autism by one of the leading activist-researcher in the field, Dr Stephen Shore, Assistant Professor at Adelphi University, New York.

Each child we accept as an able individual, and we work as  ability enhancers. We are not special educators... but Ability Enhancers.Kids come in this world  as  free dwellers. We help them to develop their ownselves and not trimming their wings as the way the parents expect and conflict begins with the society and the children. We invited Karren Howard musical seminar specially for the parents, to understand and change their mindset for the persons on the spectrum.

A 2 day seminar conducted by Dr.Manisha Laad  held at calcutta under our umbrella regarding food habits of children on the spectrum to restrict their regular diet and replace with necessary GFCF food. It is a believe among the parents, GFCF diet will reduce hyperactivity and over activeness,  these two features that parents are constantly battling with . Either they go to psychiatrist  for striving a better life or keep on moving with the situation.



For the last 11 years, Alokdhara has carved out a niche academic Institute at Calcutta West Bengal. Alokdhara is putting its best effort upgrading its academic module at per with  the present research level.Receiving modern valued technical know how from Dr.Stephen Shore, who has visited Parent Circle Time Autism Identified conferences many a time  to guide and enhance knowledge base of parents,  special educators and professionals. Within our small boundary,we are always ready to face the challenges and never retreat. We don't follow any business module. It is totally a challenge we face with missionary zeal.

With a dream in our mind and twinkle in our eyes we made Alokdhara -An Inclusive Montessori School without mentioning the word "Special" . Initially we started the school with a low key so that the regular parents can send their children without any apprehension about Alokdhara's policy. 

—Inclusion in a school can only happen  when the authorities  believe in Inclusive system and are committed.

—Everyone has to believe ‘Yes we ought to got to believe in inclusion’.

With that vision , Alokdhara thought few of the children on the spectrum may join  schools like Akshar, Heritage, Apeejay school.

—It is  very important that the teacher be able to understand and accept the child with his/ her strengths and limitations, so as to make it a mutually meaningful learning environment. But in reality,  catering individual needs in a class of  40 students, is far fetched attempt.We make the children on the spectrum to lead an independent life and be a member of the society, need a total dedication from the other inclusive school where the children move in for future endeavour. Mainstream school environment is largely responsible to move along with the regular children and enjoying all the facilities.


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