#WAAD #WorldAutismAwarenessDay

A day of reckoning:

Gone are the days when we needed to make people know about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

With a happy note we can vouch people have become more knowledgeable than before. Spreading awareness was the focal point of our activity.

Alokdhara has stretched her wings to touch the sky from 2009. Touching sky with the ASD toddlers and middle order ASD s.

Pledge taken in 2009 and working relentlessly since then

to make the parents and chidren happy. Two things are most important to us 1)helping children who joined school early to make them become independent on their daily endeavour and 2) making parents aware of the fact that their children need a safe environment to lead their life in future.

We however don't see parents are really willing to plan for a safe home leave alone they don't even think about it.

Dear parents think about who will take care of your young adults when you are not there any more.

Thank you and with best wishes.

Team Alokdhara

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